London artists are getting murdered. The killer leaves behind an odd signature. And when Richard Watson, an artist, discovers the corpse of his gallery owner, he investigates, pitting himself against the ruthless killer. Is Richard next on the killer’s list?

Against a backdrop of women’s suffrage activism, art collectors’ avarice and J.P. Morgan’s power, Richard Watson and his twin sister, Dr. Emma Watson, a suffragette physician, search for clues in the Edwardian art world and posh estates of 1910 London. Steeped in the principles of criminal detection they learned from Sherlock Holmes, the twins are drawn quickly into a web of deception, privilege and the bizarre. And when Fiona Rhys, a close friend of the Watsons, joins the hunt for the killer, Richard’s life gets complicated. Will romance divert his attention from the cunning assassin?

Through meticulous research and vivid imagery, J. Brooks Van Dyke, popular author of the first Watson Twins Mysteries, No Ordinary Terror, has woven together another page-turner packed with period detail, absorbing intrigue, awakening romance and baffling murder. He has once again proven himself to be a master of historical mystery which delights readers and Sherlock Holmes fans worldwide.

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