Empire of Secrets

He sought the killer in Jerusalem, a place full of secrets, intrigues and two very different women.

“What might it have been like to be living in Jerusalem at the very same time as Jesus? And what if you suddenly found your life intertwined with the most amazing man ever to have lived?

Empire of Secrets brings to life a story rich with history and intrigue as Gaius Secundus, a handsome Roman Centurion with a secret quest, enters the Holy City of Jerusalem just a few days before the crucifixion of Christ. What he finds there is a city in turmoil over the arrival of the man Jesus—who some claim is the Jewish Messiah while others brand him a dangerous heretic. Gaius finds interest in Jesus only as a means of solving a deep and painful mystery, the disappearance and possible murder of his brother. As the heroic Gaius doggedly pursues the truth, we are swept along into a world of political schemes, blackmail, jealousy, true love, and saving faith.

"Written in the same vein as the classic novel (and subsequent film) Ben Hur, Van Dyke's forceful writing captivated me while the story's dazzling historical accuracy brought the streets of ancient Jerusalem to life in a way no other story has. Empire of Secrets is a novel you won't want to put down!”
- Sharon Dymmel, three-time Emmy-winning writer and producer, co-producer of Tanzania: A Friendship Journey, winner of Best Documentary at the 2011 Soho International Film Festival.

“Well researched, Empire of Secrets sweeps us into the past, over the Judean hillsides marred with political intrigue and spiritual upheaval. Today's themes are there as well: vivid characters caught up in betrayal, romance, secrets, and spiritual redemption.”
- Doris Elaine Fell, popular author of In the Shadow of Catherine and17 other novels

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