In this elegant and meticulously researched Edwardian detective story, J. Brooks Van Dyke brings to life the stylized fashions and customs of the time and weaves across them a story of treason, medicine, and murder. Set during the first stirrings of the political ferment that would lead to World War I, the plot leads the reader from Professor Davies’ medical discovery to a mysterious death that makes him the target of anarchists, Scotland Yard, and the Crown. But Professor Davies has friends, the noted amateur detectives Richard and Emma Watson, twin children of Dr. John H. Watson of Sherlock Holmes fame. Follow them as they explore dangerous leads into aristocratic mansions and London’s filthiest slums. Their cause is mighty: nothing less than the saving of their friend—and even England.

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Sherlockians rejoice! The first Watson twin mystery is an exceptional book. It bodes well for more great reads to come.
- John Hamilton Lewis, Samsara, Basha and Opal Eye Devil

Elegant, intriguing, complex--all that you can expect from a top shelf mystery, and more.
- Richard Sand, Hands of Vengeance and Tunnel Runner

Grandly crafted. No Ordinary Terror is destined to be the first of an enormously popular series featuring the Watson twins.
- Dennis Powell, an

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