Manuscript Submission Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in Mulberry Lane Books. Mulberry Lane publishes for adults and youth in the following fiction and non-fiction genres:

Autobiography ▪ Biblical ▪ Biography ▪ Historical ▪ Legal Thriller ▪ Mystery
Poetry ▪ Romance ▪ Suspense ▪ Western ▪ Young Adult

Please bear in mind that we have a specific publishing aim to create books that reflect Christian values or are guided by a Christian worldview. The writing must be high quality and well proofed. Stories must contain original viewpoints, ideas, and compelling characters worth caring about. Mulberry Lane will not accept manuscripts containing excessive violence, gratuitous sexual content and language. Evil must never triumph in the end.

Submitting Your Manuscript

Please mail either the first two (2) chapters or the first fifty(50) pages, along with:

1. A brief biography (100 words) including personal experiences which relate to the subject/plot plus prior writing and publishing experience.

2. Plot synopsis (200 words) including the genre and possible sales pitch to potential readers. Also, please indicate if your book is the first volume in a series.

3. Manuscript must follow typical formatting guidelines: 1-inch margins, 12-point Times New Roman and 1 space, not 2 spaces, separating sentences. We will not return your manuscript submission because we make notations and comments on it as we evaluate it.

A cover letter should also be included. Your full name, address and daytime telephone number must be included (and your email address if you have one).

If you would like an acknowledgement of receipt, please include a stamped self-addressed postcard with the title of your work on it. We will then mail it back to you.

If the editor is interested in your synopsis, we will ask you for the full text by e-mail, or snail mail, which will be non-returnable.

Important: Owing to the number of unsolicited manuscripts received, Mulberry Lane cannot promise a reply to everyone who submits a proposal. If you do not hear from us within three months, you should assume that we are not interested in your proposal.

Mail your manuscript submission to:

Mulberry Lane Books
10152 Banbury Avenue - Suite 300
Westminster, CA 92683
Attn: Editorial Office

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