J. Brooks Van Dyke

John Brooks Van Dyke writes from a lifelong study of Edwardian society, British criminal history and art. His career as a professional artist, designer, copywriter and marketing executive took him to over thirty countries. Although widely traveled, his interests always returned to England, his maternal home. A Fine Arts graduate of Carnegie Mellon University, he is a member of the Mystery Writers of America and the Sherlock Holmes Society of London. He and his wife live in Southern California and travel to England where they research and write about turn-of-the-century British life and art.

Empire of Secrets
The Corot Deception
No Ordinary Terror
Mr. Van Dyke found writing success when he was twelve years old, winning first place for Abominable Snowman, a short story of suspense. This accolade fueled a desire to write fiction, but he loved art and became a successful designer and painter.

Van Dyke’s painting and sculpture have been exhibited at juried shows including the Pittsburgh Three Rivers Arts Festival. Those that know Van Dyke well call him a Renaissance Man, holding patents for a variety of products reported in Popular Science Magazine among others. He led the creative team that designed the first consumer video game in 1971, which is now on permanent display at the Smithsonian in Washington, D.C. As a businessman, Van Dyke has held numerous executive positions at Magnavox and Teledyne, owned a strategic business consulting firm for eight years and wrote copy for major consumer brands.

Mr. Van Dyke’s business and creative career took him around the world. But his interest in his maternal home always drew him back to England where he and his wife, Judy, research Victorian and Edwardian history. A member of the Mystery Writers of America and Sherlock Holmes Society of London, Van Dyke’s novels are marked by complex plots, memorable English settings and unique characters in conflict.

Van Dyke’s book tours include the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books and signings across America. He participated in the Literary Guild’s Men of Mystery event.

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